A new image can be made to look like a old image just by applying SepiaTone effect to the ImageView . This makes the new image to look like a old image.

image is missing

Original Image

Following piece of code is used to change the original image to look like a old image.

var backImageView : ImageView = ImageView {
preserveRatio : true
image : image
focusable : true
effect : javafx.scene.effect.SepiaTone {
level : 0.8


image is missing

SepiaTone Image ( Looks like old image )

Now, how to see both the original image ( new image ) as well as the SepiaToned image ( look like old image ) simultaneously on a single image. The following image demonstrates this.

image is missing

Create two ImageView, both image attribute’s of ImageView should be pointing to the same image source.  Clip one of the ImageView to Rectangle ( in this case the above one ) . Animate the  Rectangle used as clip for the above image from left to right & right to left. Now you can see both Original image & the SepiaToned image together.


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